Nature's Grocery Store of culinary and medical gifts

We all use spices in the kitchen, some of which we grow ourselves.  For many years I have had an interest in the medicinal herbs that grow around us and so I have been increasing that knowledge and use over time.  I have recently been taking a number of courses through Homesteading Family and am learning about the uses and benefits of many great herbs. The Herbal Medicine Cabinet: Colds and Flus class has been very informative and well done and would highly recommend it.  I purchased my herbal supplies from Farmhouse Teas to complete the course and stock my apothecary.  The products and service were exceptional.

However, although I am starting a number of herbs for the gardens, I have been exploring the medicinal and culinary uses of the blessings provided around me during My Boreal Homestead Life. It is surprising sometimes what one has right outside their back door.

In this section I will share what I am using and the information I have gathered in hopes that it will be of some benefit to you.  I hope that it will also encourage you to explore the resources that you have around you to help in your healthy lifestyle journey.

Note that I am not a medical professional or a licensed herbologist.  I am simply sharing the information and experience I have gathered as a developing herbalist who is traveling the vast world of herbal medicine.