Baking from Scratch on the Homestead

I enjoy baking!  I enjoy baking from scratch with ingredients I know.  I enjoy being able to say it is homemade.  I enjoy the joy that the baked items bring to the person consuming it!  It is a momentary reprieve from an otherwise hectic world spoken with the universal language of food, made all the more special because it is homemade in my own kitchen with my own hands.

I bake a lot and always have something in the freezer to pull out should I need it; Cakes that just needs icing, buns that just need to be thawed or cookies and dainties that just need to be put on a tray or plate.  However, it is not just about the food, although all the way back in history food was front and center, finished off with a sweet of some sort.  But it is also about the memories and helping people to make their own memories.  It gives me great pleasure to sit down to coffee with friends or family and be able to put out a plate of cookies and/or dainties to enjoy while we enjoy each other's company.  Or, to be able to give a tray to a family that has lost someone they love.  Or, to slice a loaf of fresh bread to enjoy with a meal.  Or, to gift some homemade bread for them to enjoy.  Regardless of the reason,  baking from scratch is always something to enjoy, give the momentary reprieve and help make the memories.

In this section of the blog, I will be sharing some of my favorite things to bake from scratch.  I hope that you find them enjoyable and give them a try to make your own memories with family and/or friends. Or for you to enjoy as you take a moment to recharge.