Small space or large space, fresh eating or preserving ...Let's talk Gardening!

Do you have a small garden, maybe you just have a balcony  or maybe you have a very large garden?  Are you wanting to grow your own food for fresh eating or maybe to preserve?  Are you a seasoned gardener or a first time gardener?   The first step to making it all happen is to realize that you can garden in whatever circumstances and conditions you have. It does not have to be perfect and sometimes you just have to look outside the norm.  In this section of the My Boreal Homestead Life blog I will be sharing some of my successes and learning opportunities, things I am experimenting with and things I do year after year.  I hope that it inspires you to give gardening, at whatever scale, a try.  There is nothing more rewarding that having something you grew on your table.

But like all gardeners, we never stop learning.  And so, I have taken a number of classes and have been doing some research into a number of different techniques, both new and old alike.  One of those is applying the principle of Permaculture. Homesteading Family has been a tremendous asset in learning and exploring the Permaculture Principle.  In the course  Permaculture for your Homestead: A Crash Course Josh Thomas goes over the principles and provides practical implementational advise.  Although I have been, unbeknown to me, applying these principles in part, I found the course and the gardening videos and blogs they have done about this topic and gardening in general to be extremely educational and well done.

I have been gardening for many years, for 30+ years at this location, so there have been many experiments, successes and learning opportunities that I can share.  But I am also excited to give the principles identified in the Permaculture for your Homestead: A Crash Course a go. I will take you along on My Boreal Homestead Life as I explore this and other techniques to improve my gardening knowledge.   Plus, I will share with you what personally works for me as I have learned from years of growing my own food.  I hope you will find it all of benefit.