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Stinging Nettle - Why Am I Drying This "Weed"?

When one thinks about stinging nettle most folks don't usually seek it out, will avoid it like the plague and work to eradicate it.  Whether it is growing in a location that is accessed a lot or in the garden…

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Nature's Medicinal Gift - Chokecherry

We see them growing in the shelterbelts, along the road side and in many farm yards across North America.  Here at My Boreal Homestead, nature has provided me with an abundance of them and for that, I am thankful because…

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Nature's Medicinal Gift - Rose hips

For years I have eaten rose hips directly off the rose plant for their medicinal value, especially when I have been working in wet condition, as Nature's Medicinal gift - Vitamin C.

How do I eat rose hips raw?


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